This Christmas

I still can’t believe that I’ll be spending this Christmas without you. I have pushed this thought at the farthest and darkest corner of my mind for as long as I can, but as Christmas draws near, I find it harder and harder to postpone not thinking about it. In a few days, I will … More This Christmas

Two months

Two months. Two months since I have last seen you breathing. Two months since I last kissed your cheek. Two months since I last held your hand. Two months since I last hoped, since I last dreamt of a future with you. Two months since I last felt genuine joy and contentment. Two months since … More Two months

Thank you

Today, I woke up with so much gratitude in my heart. I whispered thank you to the air hoping that my husband is listening, wherever he is at this time. Thank you for being the best friend one could ever have. Thank you for patiently waiting for me until I was ready to love again. … More Thank you

September 5, 2016

I woke up today missing you so much that I did the one thing I swore not to do for a while -I read the cards and letters we gave each other in the past. I wanted so much to remember how my life was when you were still here. I’m so afraid I ‘ll forget. The last card you gave was … More September 5, 2016

Did you say goodbye?

Today, I purposely walked below the balcony of our tiny home and looked up. Part of my mentally deranged mind probably hoped to see you at the balcony waiting for me. Do you remember the countless times I stood there waiving at you as you walked away towards the parking area? When you were still an employee of … More Did you say goodbye?