100 days after

It has been more than 100 days since you left, and it still hurts like the first day. I have traveled almost 10,000 miles away from our home, hoping that distance would help ease the pain, but I have discovered that no matter where I go, grief and pain accompany my every step.

I think of you every day, with every step.

How I wish you are with me in discovering this beautiful place, in meeting these wonderful people, in tasting their food, but you’re not.

Where are you? Why can’t I feel your presence anymore? Have you really finally left me?

I miss you so much, and I feel so lost.

I am so tired of trying to be okay. I am so tired of trying and failing yet again to see the beauty and meaning of life. I am so tired of fighting this grief.

Why did you have to leave me so soon? Why did God have to separate us too early in life? Why do I have to live without you?

I miss you so much. Every day.

Please don’t forget me.



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