Thank you

Today, I woke up with so much gratitude in my heart. I whispered thank you to the air hoping that my husband is listening, wherever he is at this time.

Thank you for being the best friend one could ever have.

Thank you for patiently waiting for me until I was ready to love again.

Thank you for proposing to me with that unique infinity ring during that breakfast date last December 26, 2013. You said you booked the entire restaurant exclusively for us, and you have pre-chosen the cheesy song playing on the background. I believed you, until a family entered the restaurant 20 minutes later.

Thank you for giving me that small, simple and intimate wedding I wanted. We wanted to have the ceremony at 8 AM, but the officiating Mayor arrived at 9 AM. It’s good we had those coffee/tea and pan de sal ready as the guests waited.

Thank you for having been completely committed to this relationship since day one. You never wavered, and you never gave me reasons to doubt your intentions. I am too analytical, to the point of paranoia, of my relationship that one wrong move on your part would have caused me to give us up.

Thank you for loving my family as I love yours. You were very respectful to my parents, yet you made them laugh so hard. My siblings have only fond memories of you, and my little nephews and nieces enjoyed your jokes and lame magic tricks.

Thank you for taking care of me and allowing me to take care of you in my own way. You were always there for me one hundred percent. You have put me at the top of your priorities, and I tried also to do the same.

Thank you for the little surprises every day. You know I am not fond of surprises, but you did them anyway, and I have learned to enjoy them. I was waiting for us to become a “regular” couple, but you were consistent in surprising me with little things, be it my favorite wintermelon tea, slice of cheesecake, and chocolates to grand stuff like tickets for a play or concert.

 Thank you for making me experience how it was to be a full-time wife, almost a home maker. I resigned from my regular job last year so that we can focus on starting our family, and you have been very supportive of it. You provided for our needs, and I got to experience the domestic side of being a wife.

Thank you for the many adventures we had. We traveled a lot, visited places, tried new food, climbed towers, and got lost in foreign places. You were such a competent and exciting travel buddy. We would walk in places we visited for the first time with nothing but the free map we got from the airport. We would see an interesting cafe and decide to try its coffee. From these, we formed the idea of putting up our own cafe next year, and thus we took a barista course.

As I whispered to you the last time I saw you, thank you for the perfect years we had together. Thank you for making me your wife. I was and am still so proud to be your wife. People comment on how good a person you are – soft-spoken, very patient, always smiling, but so funny – but they don’t fully know how you were as a husband. As I told the priest during the wake, you were perfectly imperfect. I am so lucky to be your wife.


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