Together Apart

My life can be divided into three periods: before October 15, 2016; October 15, 2016; and after October 15, 2016.

October 15, 2016, marked the day my hopes and dreams died, along with my husband, whom I call The Lobster in all my social media.

At around 5:50 AM that Saturday morning, his heart stopped beating forever, and my heart stopped hoping along with that. All joy, hope and happiness drained, as the doctor announced in a robotic voice that the love of my life has left me forever. I could not grasp the finality of it all, as I talked to and kissed my husband’s lifeless body. I cannot even cry as I thanked him for the almost 5 years of happiness together.

I made this blog with the hope that writing about this unfathomable grief will help me with this journey in the darkest days of my life.

To The Lobster, I have told you before. I love you, and I will choose you over and over again in all the short lifetimes we can spend together.



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